The Alpine Club, the world's first mountaineering club, has members from around the world. Since it was founded in 1857 they have
been at the leading edge of worldwide mountaineering development and exploration. We aim to be the club of choice for all mountaineers providing a forum for sharing experiences and information
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Freshfield Hut Appeal

The AC would like support the building of a new hut on the slopes of Mt Kazbek in the Caucasus, Europe's highest and wildest mountain range. The hut is to be named after Douglas George Freshfield, one of the ACs most illustrious ex-Presidents. The Freshfield Hut Appeal provides many benefits to AC Members and we are hoping that members can make a contribution, however small.

A detailed brochure of Mt Kazbek is available providing highlights of the hut plans.

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2015 Piolet d'Or
Sir Chris Bonington to receive Lifetime Achievement Award
The 23rd edition of the Piolets d’Or, the most prestigious mountaineering award, Sir Chris Bonington will receive the Piolet d'Or Carrière - the Lifetime Achievement Award. © archivio Chris Bonington.
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2014 British Spiti Expedition

Derek Buckle (leader), Dave Broadhead, Mike Cocker and Geoff Cohen received permission to enter he Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh in September 2014.


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Thinking of planning your own mountaineering expedition? The ACs Expedition Information Centre provides a wealth of knowledge: what, where, how, when.
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Area Lectures
LONDON - Tuesday 24th February

After over twenty years of waiting the North Face of Hagshu now has two routes, both by AC members. Here is the full story of Paul and Mick’s adventures on a very busy mountain!

LONDON - Tuesday 10th March

A personal look at a long career of climbing ice from early days in the UK through long years of attempting alpine classics in winter to more recent efforts on European icefalls and the Canadian Rockies.

EDINBURGH - Tuesday 10th March

An introduction to and a re-creation of the magic lantern show that Whymper took all over the UK, Europe and the USA, using his own text and photographs from 1870-1895.

PEAK - Wednesday 11th March

Derek illustrates the opportunities available in this attractive region of the Andes and gives an account of the team's achievements.

LAKES - Wednesday 11th March

Harriet tells the story of her father Dr Griffith Pugh, a physiologist and expert on extreme conditions, who made the first ascent possible by solving the key physiological problems of climbing at very high altitudes.

AC London Dinner & Lecture
Tuesday 28th April, The Rag, London

Martin, one of Britain's leading mountaineers, has made huge contributions to British rock climbing, especially in North Wales where he discovered Gogarth in the 1960s.